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5/5/2009 - West Front Street Streetscape
The goal of every streetscape project should be to imporove the safety and physical accessibility of the streets and pedestrian paths for the entire population.  Sidewalks should be wide enough to accomodate people walking side by side and past others; people standing, talking or browsing.  

Keyport Business Alliance has requested to improve the downtown business district by upgrading the West Front Street Streetscape.  This includes, new pavers, street lights and 18 new trees of which there are four (4) types of species. The trees which were in place were originally provided by the county nearly 20 years ago.  Some were starting to tear up the sidewalks in certain areas from the roots which can be a safety hazard.  The old trees were no longer in use by the County and needed to be upgraded to a tree more conducive to today’s standards.

Please pardon our appearance during this renovation and note that all local businesses will remain open.  Please check back soon for additional information, program updates and progress reports.