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4/24/2015 - Monmouth County Health Department offering free testing of residential soil

The Monmouth County

Board of Health

Judy Thorpe


Christopher P. Merkel, M.P.H.

Health Coordinator


Health Officer



3435 HIGHWAY 9


TELEPHONE (732) 431-7456

FAX (732) 409-7579

 The Monmouth County Health Department under a New Jersey Department of Health Superstorm Sandy Recovery Grant is offering free testing of residential soil and dust to determine the presence of lead. Large areas of Monmouth County were affected by the storm surge and flooding, resulting in significant amounts of sediment being redistributed.

Relying on conclusions from Post-Katrina studies, there is a potential for increased hazards from environmental lead contamination that may cause an increase in elevated blood lead levels in individuals living or working in lead contaminated areas.

Our staff will be notifying residents of the dates that we will be sampling in the various communities. All employees will have a Monmouth County Health Department photo ID. This service is being offered to the residents in the municipalities served by the Monmouth County Health Department.

If lead dust is found, educational materials and guidance will be provided on the proper cleanup methods. This program will be available until June 30, 2015. If you are interested in having your residence tested, please contact the Monmouth County Health Department at: 732 431-7456 X 8587.