KEYPORT RESIDENTS:  Keyport Recycling Meeting for Monday, May 21st at 6:30PM has been Canceled.

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Bulletin #01- 030612
Reference: Weather Advisory Alert – Storm Saturn
Wednesday March 5, 2013



Residents are alerted to monitor weather conditions over the next 24 hours. 


Several weather reporting sources and the Monmouth County OEM information center have issued alerts regarding flooding, heavy rain, high wind and or snow advisories that elevate to warnings through the night hours.


Kindly take time before nightfall to review preparatory standards available on Keyport’s  and other weather  forecasting websites to ensure you and your family’s comfort should there be a loss of power, flooding from tidal or heavy rain runoff, wind damage or wet snow related failures. 


High tides in the Keyport area are:

Wednesday     March 6, 2013             high     2:56 p.m.
Thursday         March 7, 2013             high     3:29 a.m.
Thursday         March 7, 2013             high     4:04 p.m.
Friday              March 8, 2013             high     4:34 a.m.


Remember to turn around – don’t drown.
No further bulletins are predicted at this time.


Ken G. Krohe                                                  



Ken Krohe, Coordinator OEM Keyport Borough