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Dear Resident,   


On Monday, April 16th, Keyport Garbage Ordinance #21-11 was put into effect.  The information was in the April 2012 water bill which some of you may not have read.  The requirements of the ordinance are as follows:

1.       All garbage must be placed in cans/containers.

2.      Garbage left outside of a can in bags or boxes will not be collected.

3.      Cans/containers size cannot exceed 50 gallons and the maximum weight allowance is 50 pounds. 

4.      Each single family residence is permitted a maximum of 3 fifty (50) gallon cans/containers.   Oversized containers will not be picked up. 

5.      Two (2) and three (3) family homes or commercial/mixed use properties must bear the apartment or unit numbers to identify the unit whose garbage each can/container holds. 

6.      The maximum amount of cans/container that a three (3) family or a commercial/mixed use property can put out is six (6).


Notices of Violation will be mailed to all violators of the ordinance.  On Monday, May 14th, the Property Maintenance office will start issuing summons and the fines will be a minimum of $100.00 - $1250.00.



The core message of “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" is to consume less and produce as little waste as possible.  The average family disposes of 100 lbs of garbage per week!

Did you know that the words are in the order of preference for real waste control? Reduce what you use first; then reuse what you do consume; and when waste is created, recycle it if possible.


REDUCE - Reducing your purchases saves money:

• Buy products with little or no packaging.

• Eliminate all but essential single-use products.

• Don’t buy food packaged in single servings.

• Compost (at home or in your community).

• Bring reusable bags to the grocery store.


REUSE - Reusing reduces waste by using durable goods that will do a job again and again.

• Use rags instead of paper towels for cleaning.

• Exchange zip-top plastic bags for reusable wrappers.

• Have a yard sale.

• Trade books with friends.

• Purchase a stainless steel water bottle.

• Swap outgrown toys with other families.

• Donate items you no longer want to local charities.

• Before anything from your home becomes waste, consider whether it might have another use or someone you    know might be able to use it.



The goal of recycling is to decrease the need for new materials, which saves energy, reduces pollution, and decreases the overall amount of waste in the landfill.  Paper and paper products make up 4% of the waste stream in Monmouth County.  If you are unfamiliar with the pickup dates in your district for paper as well as bottles and cans please stop by Boro Hall and get a schedule.  WWW.KEYPORTONLINE.COM  or call Property Maintenance – 732-739-5133.


May be placed curbside after 4pm only on the dates scheduled for your district.  Before you dispose of a bulk item ask yourself can somebody use this?



Big Brothers Big Sisters     877-336-8828

Salvation Army                                                          609-599-9801

Freecycle Network       


The Borough of Keyport strictly enforces it's Solid Waste Ordinances.  A copy of the ordinance is available by clicking here.