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Please note that Mayor Robert Bergen and members of the Keyport Council would like to keep you informed on our current and upcoming infrastructure improvements. Please check back here periodically for the status of a project or pertinent street closing information.

Beers Street Phase II - Walling Terrace, Monmouth Place, Pershing Place: Begin March 8
The Borough of Keyport has received a USDA Grant in conjunction with a DOT Grant to improve the Borough's Sanitary Sewer System. The Borough has a 60-year old sanitary sewer system that is deteriorating. The existing infrastructure has experienced frequent collapses and blockages. The inflow and infiltration of extraneous flows has increased as well as the costs to the regional authority. This project will address these deficiencies and the rehabilitation work will extend the life of the existing sanitary sewer system, eliminate health hazards and environmental impacts associated with blockages and collapses and improve our ground water quality. The project includes new sewer mains and laterals, sidewalks, curbs and road reconstruction.  The project began on March 8th and is expected to continue for approximately 6-8 weeks, weather permitting.  Currently, Walling Street is closed daily from Beers to Main. 

RT. 35 & 36 Jug Handle Improvements
The Borough is in receipt of a $410,000 NJDOT Discretionary Aid Grant for proposed improvements to two Route 35 & 36 Jug handle systems at Maple Place & Nappi Place ( Rt. 35) and Main Street and Monroe Street (Rt. 36). This is the second grant the Borough received in 2009 for Road Improvements. This project will also use USDA funding to improve portions of the Borough’s sanitary sewer system within these roads . This project is a cooperative effort between the NJDOT, Monmouth County, and the Borough. Local Aid Funding will be used to improve portions of Main Street adjacent to the Monroe Street jug handle. The project began on March 8th and will continue for 8 to 10 weeks, weather permitting. Currently there are daily road closures. Please follow posted traffic detour signs. Roads included are Monroe Street , Main Street, Broad Street, Maple Place , Nappi Place and Broadway. Maple Place Streetscape: March 15

Maple Place Streetscape:
March 15
We are pleased to announce that the Borough of Keyport has received a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) grant from Monmouth County for the installation of streetscape improvements along Maple Place.  The project will include concrete curb and sidewalk replacement, installation of stamped concrete between the curb and sidewalk, street trees, decorative light poles and street sign posts, and textured crosswalks at all pedestrian crossings. The “Improvements to Maple Place” contract has recently been awarded with construction anticipated to commence on March 15, 2010.